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1) What does the acronym SSY actually stand for?

A. SSY stands for Siddha Samadhi Yoga. Alternately, it has also been meaningfully expanded as Science of Silence Yoga. Both the expansions are valid and both indicate the spirit behind the whole initiative founded by Pujya Guruji Rishi Prabhakar.

2) Is SSY the name of the organisation as well?

A. No. SSY is the flagship programme of the organisation but it has colloquially become equivalent to the name of the organisation. Technically, the various programmes that are held under the banner of SSY are conducted under the auspices of our mother entity RSVK.

3) Is RSVK a religious body? What does it stand for?

A. No, it is a non-religious educational trust / NGO. The acronym stands for Rishi Samskruti Vidya Kendra which is a non-profit trust founded by Guruji in 1977.

4) What is LiYA? Is it different from RSVK?

A. LiYA stands for Life Yessence Academy. RSVK is a trust formulated under the Indian Laws. Life Yessence Academy (International) is again an umbrella name chosen to encompass under it the SSY initiatives as happening across the different countries of the world.