Wel-Lite Electricals & Electronics Pvt. Ltd

1. What is the turnover of the company?    
Ans - 3 crore. Well-Lite electrical & electronics Pvt. Ltd.

2. How was the experience? 
Ans - Good.

3. What changes have u witnessed in terms of your attitude, behavioral skills, Timemgt, organizing, team bldg of employees?
Ans - Attitude is become more responsive.

4.What are changes in terms of production & profile?
 Ans - the things have become effective & efficient.

5.What are the changes witnessed Airier eliminating time wasters & managing time effectively? 
Ans - Increased productivity.

6. What are the effects of using mind mapping?
Ans - Mind. map is very useful technique for organizing & Co-ordinating between different areas of activity. It is also useful in taking it into consideration of different aspects of project without missing the key activities.

- For, Wel-Lite Electricals & Electronics Pvt. Ltd,   Rahul H. Madiwala.

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RTG Share Broking Ltd

RTG Group Of Companies is in various fields of Business, with Branches all over India.

Our Companies are :-

1) RTG Exchange Limited

2) RTG Share Broking Limited

3) RTG Infrastructure & Realtors Limited

4) RTG Fume Commodities Pvt. Ltd.


The Total Turnover of the our Companies was around Rs 100 crores :

  • The programme was very enriching. It helped me in being more systematic and organised in my day to day activities; and also made me realize the importance between  trivial issues and important issues, and more spare time was recreation.

  • I have become more calm and understanding with my staff and Clients. For a short span of tine I use to initially keep track of the important mallets that my staff  had to do and kept on reminding them about the same, but now I do not have to do so as they have realized the importance and keep me updated. Also all my employees work together as a team and this has also helped my Company to grow faster not only in terms of business but also in terms of professionalism.

  • I have also had an In House OTM programme for my employees in my office at the beginning of this Financial Year. Thus my employees also know the importance of Organization and Time Management. The regularly have the Liya One Hour in the Office, which is very beneficial as the staff are free to express their views and it also refreshes their minds and encourages the team sprit.

  • The Pi Programme has helped me and my Organization immensely. Since my employees have done the In House OTM Course in the office they are able to know the importance of the Organise and their work and thus work very effectively. Also at the time of delegating work I see that my employees have the organizer. I also randomly check my employees organizers and this has also helped my employees and business a lot.

  • Mind Mapping has helped the organization in getting more insight into the problems, it has also helped in quick and effective decision making and helped in planning for effective management of the business.


Prakash H. Gadiya.

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Pacific Trends Pvt. Ltd.

- Date:-1st November 2010

                   TO WHOMSEVER IT MAY CONCERN.

Subject: Organising & Time management program feed back.


Pacific Trends in t. Ltd is a leading soft luggage and sales promotional manufacturing and marketing company. Our turnover is nearly 8 crores.

OTM program brought about closer learn spirit among the key member of the Team.

Our LIYA one hour module (as taught in OTM program ) has helped us in reducing communication Gap, helped in timely execution of orders , better recovery of our understanding. We have been able to eliminate wastage i.e. cost of cutting by better
purchases , reduced cost over due to avoidance of any raw material shortage. The program has impacted our sales and profitability to the extent of 10-15%.

The mind mapping  technique we have used especially while organizing exhibition participation , important presentation preparation , it has helped us reduce forgetting important inputs.

With Best Regards,

Mr. Arunagiri Mudaliar, Managing Director.

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